As the architectural world becomes more and more familiar with composite materials and the benefits they can bring, architects, consultants and engineers are now more likely than ever to select a composite material solution for a roof, façade, dome or other structural component.

Notus believe this market will continue to grow quickly, not just in the Middle East, but also in Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

Composites also allow massive creative freedom in design with fibre reinforced plastics being easily moulded into flowing freeform curves and shapes. With significant weight savings reducing loads on the building itself, composite components are also faster to install and require less lifting capacity on site.  Additional advantages include increased thermal efficiency of sandwich cored structures and sustainability improvements by introducing bio-based or recycled raw materials to the composite.

Reaction to fire is one of the key requirements for a composite material to be used in an architectural project and Notus has developed a market leading range of prepregs and resin films specifically formulated for the optimum performance in case of fire. Both Epoxy and Phenolic prepregs are available which have been tested and certified to all the key industry test standards. Notus epoxy FR materials have successfully passed the challenging NFPA 285 test as well as having Class A results for ASTM E84.

Notus can support clients with the development of tooling solutions for large prepreg parts and advise on potential partners for small and larger series production projects.

Please see our Fire Resistance section for more details of fire testing accreditations achieved using Notus prepregs.