Resin Films

Resin Films

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Resin Films

In addition to a full range of prepreg and N1-Preg products, Notus also supply their unique resin formulations as both supported and unsupported resin films.

These Notus resin films can be used with prepreg and N1-preg materials or can be used with dry reinforcements to build a high quality prepreg style laminate directly in the mould using Notus Epoxy Film Technology.

Notus Epoxy Film Technology (N-EFT) is a cost-effective solution designed to overcome the challenges that can be encountered in Resin Infusion, VARTM /RTM and Prepreg processing techniques, which can include:

  • Dedicated low viscosity unfilled resins and specialist fabrics if resin infusion pathways are long.
  • Expensive and complex matched moulds for RTM type processes.
  • Operator exposure to uncured resins and high VOC levels.

An even more significant customer benefit of N-EFT processing is the unlimited customization that is possible, with the user being able to create their own material combinations using dry reinforcements and N-EFT films that they have available.

Notus N-EFT produces components that are directly comparable with prepreg parts with lower storage costs and the ability to produce the required materials on demand.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dry reinforcements are consolidated, N-EFT impregnated and cured in a single step.
  • High fiber volumes can be accurately achieved with low void contents.
  • Environment friendly, clean lay-up like prepreg with no hazardous fumes.
  • More cost-effective than prepreg with comparable properties.
  • Improved cycle times.
  • Air removal pathways within the laminate stack remove the need to debulk.
  • Reduced frozen storage requirement - only N-EFT materials in freezer, no reinforcements.
  • Unlimited combinations of reinforcement and resin matrix on demand.


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