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Notus N1-Preg is a versatile epoxy prepreg format that provides exceptional quality laminates and reduces production hours.

N1-preg materials are made by applying a catalyzed resin film to only one face of a reinforcement fabric. The fabric remains dry and is not fully impregnated as a traditional prepreg would be. The pathways between the fibres of the dry reinforcement fabric allow air to be removed from the laminate as it is consolidated under vacuum, leading to very low laminate void content without the need to debulk the laminate every few plies, as would be necessary with a prepreg.

N1-Preg materials are especially suited to large structural components and complex laminates where the ability to lay-up and then cure the component in a single step produces large savings in both production hours and vacuum consumables.

Notus offers a full range of epoxy resin systems in N1-preg format including fire retardant and low temperature curing variants. All types of unidirectional, multiaxial and woven reinforcement fabrics can be used for N1-Preg materials.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely low laminate void content.
  • Faster processing of thick laminates without debulking.