Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Robust epoxy resin based prepregs for the Wind Energy market are one of the core business areas for Notus. The company qualified its NE5 resin system with Vestas in 2015 and has shipped hundreds of tonnes of prepreg materials to overseas clients.

Notus manufacture a full range of Wind Energy specific prepregs with their NE5 resin system including: heavy weight UDs, biaxial and triaxial multiaxial fabric products for blade shells as well as resin films, adhesive films and needled nonwoven prepregs.

Intended for low pressure / vacuum curing at temperatures between 85-120˚C, the Notus Wind Energy prepregs are formulated to produce high quality well consolidated parts even in very thick laminates.  Easy handling, adjustable tack levels and very long outlives reduce cycle times and improve efficiency.

Notus can also supply customized epoxy films as part of their Notus - Epoxy Film Technology (N-EFT) product range.  Very thick components such as wind blade spar caps can be produced by interleaving N-EFT resin films with dry carbon or glass fibre reinforcements and then curing under vacuum or in an autoclave in an easily controllable low exotherm process.

Notus UV curing prepregs also provide a versatile option for wind turbine blades and nacelles.  Easy to handle and with extremely rapid curing, these materials are perfect for in situ repairs.